The assignment was to make a wayfinding design for The Acadamy of Minerva and Praediniussingel Building to make it easy for new students to find their way around the school, but more importantly, to find the workshops. This was a challenge because the architecture of the school is based on a maze and it had to be removable for  when the school gives exhibitions or presentations.


In a group of two students, myself and another classmate whose name is Josi Coutinho, we came up with an idea to use lights as wayfinding element to guide us to the location of the workshops.

We placed projectors at the entrance of the building to show a button you step on. It will light the way to the workshop and when you have reached your destination it turns off easily.


We also thought of the fact that a group of people entering at the same time, could cause a problem, so we decided that this method would only be used at the beginning at the entrance of the school. That's why we made flyers with a QR-code: when you scan it, a video will show you the way to the workshop of your choice. For the ones that don't have a smartphone, there is also a map showing the way on the back of the flyer.




I also started making my own typeface for this design. I wanted to use a typeface that resembles wayfinding lights we were thinking of using. The typeface is based on the font "Neon-like". I haven't given it name yet.

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